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Four Pack of Favorites - Choose Your Category

Lit&Co. Candles

Regular price $63.00
Four Pack of Favorites - Choose Your Category

Want to scent your space but finding yourself with too many scents to choose from?  We can help with a four pack of our best selling scents in several categories!  Each set includes all four scents in our Standard 9oz Clear Glass jar w/Silver Lid (55-60 hour burn each), all for $63!   

Eucamint (eucalyptus, spearmint), Bamboo (fresh, green, spa), Rosemary+Sandalwood (masculine, herbal, wood), Lavender (warm, herbal, relaxing)

FAR OUT:   Hippie (incense, sweet resin, musk), Patchouli (woods, spice, earth), Palo Santo (palo santo, amber, musk), Nag Champa (incense, amber, patchouli)

Lilac (fresh lilac, green), Hibiscus (tropical floral, green leaf, melon), Gardenia (musky floral, white gardenia bloom), Garden Rose (true red rose)

Tomato Leaf (herbal, green, earthy), Potting Soil (dark, earthy, fresh), Basil (bright, verdant, punchy), Rosemary (spicy, warm, green)

CITRUS:  Valencia Orange (bright, juicy orange), Pink Grapefruit (punchy, tart, bright), Verbena (lemon, green, herbal), Yuzu (sweet, tropical, mandarin)

VACATION:  Sun Tan Lotion (sea salt, citrus, coconut), Bora Bora (sweet citrus, blood orange, tropical fruit), Coconut (warm, vanilla, bright), Mango+Papaya (sweet, bold, tropical)

FOREST:  Evergreen (pine, bright, fresh), Cabin in the Woods (smoke, cedar, firewood), Sage Brush (pine, earth, sage), Oakmoss (water, ozone, masculine)

BAKE SHOP:  Biscotti (almond, spice, vanilla), Lemon Cake (citrus, vanilla, zest), Pie Crust (butter, savory, vanilla), Cinnamon (spice, cinnamon stick, ginger)

FRESH:  Lime+Ginger (citrus, bright, green), Ocean (water, ozone, mineral), Red Ginger (spa, citrus, saffron), White Tea (bergamot, ginger, chrysanthemum)

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